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5 Perks of the Everlasting Comfort Bathtub Pillow 

After a long and stressful day, there is nothing that is quite as relaxing as a nice, hot bath. Just turn on the hot water, add your favorite bath oils, and you have for yourself a bath that will drain all your stress away. There’s only one problem with this picture, though; bathtubs are not very comfortable to lay in. Porcelain, acrylic, and ceramic materials make bathtubs hard as rock, and this can add a lot of undue pressure to the neck. This is exactly why the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow was created (it can also be found here on Amazon). With your comfort in mind, the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow can turn your next bath into the relaxing, comfortable night that you deserve. This bathtub pillow isn’t just like any other bathtub pillow, and we’re here today to tell you what exactly is so special about the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow. Keep reading to find out some of the biggest perks.

Unique Ergonomic Design for Neck, Head, and Back

While any bathtub pillow could add a layer of cushion to protect your neck and head from the rigid material of your bathtub, the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow was specifically designed to give you the most comfortable bath experience possible. It has a unique ergonomic design meant to support your head, neck, and back. With the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow, your upper body won’t be aching when you’re done with your bath anymore. Rather, this bathtub pillow molds and conforms to your body. The headrest at the top of the bathtub pillow eases away all tension in the head and neck, relieving stress in the upper body. If you have any neck or back problems, the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow will be a game-changer for you. You’ll finally be able to have a bath comfortably, thanks to the tension-relieving design of the pillow.

Easy to Apply and Won’t Budge

Applying the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow is super easy, and once it’s attached to the bathtub, it won’t budge during your bath. This is because of the four non-slip suction cups on the back of the bathtub pillow. Once these are stuck onto your bathtub, you’ll be able to use the pillow without worrying about it sliding around. Follow these steps to attach the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow to your bathtub before filling your bathtub with water:

  • Firstly, clean the section of the bathtub where you’ll be attaching the bathtub pillow with a damp cloth. This removes any dirt or grease that would make it difficult for the pillow to stick to the bathtub.
  • Secondly, lightly wet the suction cups with water. This step helps the suction cups to function at their fullest sticking capacity.
  • Thirdly, place the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow onto the bathtub and press it down firmly. This presses the suction cups onto the bathtub, making a strong seal that won’t budge during your bath.
  • Fourthly, if you find that you need to slightly adjust the positioning of your bathtub pillow, all you have to do is grab it and gently slide it up or down.

Just like that, your Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow has been successfully attached to your bathtub. To remove, pull the pillow away from the bathtub. A comfortable, stress-relieving bath is as simple as that.

Mesh Fabric Makes the Bathtub Pillow Machine-Washable and Breathable

Because of the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow’s mesh fabric, cleaning your pillow is as easy as using it. When you are done with your bath, simply throw your bathtub pillow into the washing machine. The strong mesh material of the pillow won’t be damaged at all, and once it’s out of the wash, it will be all clean and ready for your next bath. Machine-washability isn’t the only perk of the mesh fabric. The Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow is also breathable, with the mesh preventing water from building up inside. This allows the pillow to dry quickly after being used in the bathtub or getting washed. The built-in hooks in the back of the pillow also contribute to quicker drying, so there is no need to worry about your pillow staying wet for too long. All these perks of the mesh fabric and built-in hooks ensure that your Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow lasts as long as possible, giving you a relaxing bath after a relaxing bath.

The Everlasting Comfort Bathtub Pillow: Your Solution to the Relaxing Bath

Cleary, the Everlasting Comfort Bathtub Pillow has a lot of perks. The pillow utilizes a unique ergonomic shape designed to give maximum comfort to the neck, head, and back. Attaching the pillow to your bathtub is as easy as 1-2-3. Not only that, but once it’s attached it won’t budge either. Machine washing and quick drying are made possible by the mesh fabric and built-in hooks. Based on these perks, there’s no reason to not try the Everlasting Comfort Bathtub Pillow for yourself, and once you have the most comfortable and relaxing bath of your life, you’ll be telling all your friends to get one, too.

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