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It was the first independently run music file site. The website was founded by Mitchell Pavao, Brett Woitunski, and Nate Hudson, three University of Massachusetts graduates. Their mission was to bring music to the world via the Internet. Now, more than two million people use PureVolume. The website features a variety of genres and offers a variety of music.

The music-streaming service has also gained a large following through its social media presence. Aside from its popular music pages, PureVolume hosts yearly parties at music industry conferences, such as SXSW. In fact, the company was so successful, that it became a sponsor of the Vans Warped Tour in 2013. The company also works with major companies such as Vans, M-Audio, Gibson, Levis, and Ernie Ball. The band is based in Los Angeles and has been a part of numerous other bands as well.

Besides a blog, PureVolume also hosts audio files. It is compatible with many popular music players including iTunes, Android, and Windows, and the free version requires no download. The deadline of July 30 has been changed several times. The last deadline was changed to July 30th. As a result, the ArchiveBot project could not complete its job in time. The warrior project, based on a project by the same name, archived the artist’s profile and pages beneath it. However, the job didn’t cover user/listener pages and audio.


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