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Simple Guidance for You When Considering a Suitable Ladder

Ladders have been in use since time immemorial for they break the barriers to our height limits. Finding a good ladder for either personal or professional use can be a challenge considering various products available in the market. This article shall discuss some facts about ladders made of aluminium.


Ladders are currently available in materials such as timber and glass fiber. The material that most professionals and DIY fans agree on is aluminium. This might leave you with questions like why aluminium? Are there any disadvantages to using this ladder? This article shall enlighten you by answering some of the questions that you have.

Why aluminium?

Aluminium is a metal, but its properties will surprise you. Did you know that it is resistant to oxidation? This means that it will hardly rust. There are a host of advantages brought about by this property. For instance, if you do not have space in your house to keep it, you can leave it outside. You don’t have to worry about the rain or the morning dew damaging your ladder.

Aluminium is also very strong. It can even be combined with other metals to form an alloy and its strength will not be compromised. Due to this fact, an aluminium ladder can withstand a significant amount of weight without worrying about breakage or cracking. Even after repeated use, it is still strong making it suitable for the long term.

Unlike most metals, it is lightweight. Hence its products are also lightweight. Ladders are prone to movement before and after use. Have you ever tried moving a timber ladder? It is cumbersome and sometimes requires more than one person to move. Ladders made of aluminium are easily lifted and moved, even during a solo project.

What variety is available?

Do not fear, for you are spoilt for choice. Aluminium ladders are available in a wide variety ranging from 3 step ladders to 6 meters telescopic ladders. It all depends on your needs. Where do you intend to use it? How high do you wish to reach? There are extension ladders that even have accessories. The choice is yours.

Factors to consider before buying a ladder

Type of ladder

As explained above, there are different kinds of ladders depending on their use. If you intend on using it at home for DIY projects, then a step ladder will be appropriate. Just consider one with the correct height – one that you can use without stepping on the topmost steps.

Maximum load capacity

Check the specs of the ladder. You should acquire one that has a high load capacity so that you can be free to work on it regardless of what you are carrying.


It should be resistant to rust to make sure it has a long shelf life. It shouldn’t react with other metals that it comes into contact with.

Advantages of aluminium ladders

They are very affordable. Aluminium is cheap and the process used to make the ladders is not complex hence they have a lower price compared to other types like timber. They are light and effortless to move. They are strong and do not burn and that is why most firefighters prefer using them.

Disadvantages of aluminium ladders

Being a metal, aluminium is a good conductor of both heat and electricity. Therefore, the ladders cannot be used around live wires and electricity sources. When exposed to the sun or other sources of heat, they become hot or warm to the touch.


There are many advantages to having your equipment whether it is for professional or personal purposes. You should consider having a ladder made of aluminium.

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