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Are you planning to sell your gold? Consider these things before making a deal!

Whether you're an investor or are simply trying to sell gold because you no longer want it, there are certain factors you need to consider before making your final deal. Here is a complete overview of everything you need to keep in mind before...

Why Do We Wear Hats? Discover the Top Reasons

The question might seem silly as we all know why we wear hats. They give us protection against the harsh rays of the sun. And that's why people have been donning headgears almost since the dawn of civilization. But the scenario changed when we...

Dubai’s Best Hotels

The Burj Al Arab is a seven-star hotel in Dubai, and is considered the tallest in the world. The Burj's Royal Suite costs upwards of $20,000 per night. Some sources claim this rate is even higher, and the Royal Suite includes butler service, a...