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What Are Economic Damages In A Personal Injury Case?

Chances are, if you are injured in a personal injury accident, you might suffer a financial burden. The soundest way to recover monetary losses and expenses after an accident is with the help of a car accident lawyer Rockford. Whether you are injured in a slip or fall, car crash, or other personal injury accident, you should always reach out to a personal injury attorney to claim rights to financial compensation, like recovering economic damages. 

What are economic damages in a personal injury case?

Economic damages are monetary losses after an injury accident. Economic damages compensate victims for the financial losses and expenses they have suffered caused due to the accident. 

Any monetary losses that occurred due to your accident are known as economic damages. It includes expenditures that follow after the accident and future financial losses due to your injuries.

  • Property loss

After the accident, you must claim the repairing costs of the damaged property, such as your car after the accident. Estimates are needed to determine the amount of compensation you need.

  • Medical costs

If you are injured in an accident, you need medical care. Even if you feel like you are okay after the accident, you may still need to visit a physician to check if you have any internal injuries that are not visible or cannot be felt. You may require physical therapy, future-related medical, or rehabilitation costs for the medical treatment. 

  • Ambulance service
  • Doctor visits
  • X-Ray and other tests
  • Urgent care costs
  • Travel cost for medical treatment
  • Lab work

It is essential to keep records of the expenses and predict future expenses. Keep a file of medical records, test reports, treatment receipts, and prescriptions, along with travel costs. Your attorney will use these documents to verify your claim for economic damages.

  • Lost wages

You may miss wages if you have injuries due to which you can not attend work. You can file a personal injury claim for lost wages, including bonuses and tips. 

  • Lifestyle adjustments

They are necessary after a personal injury, which includes:

  • Completing chores and household duties
  • Installing wheelchair ramps or handicap aids
  • Transportation for you or other household members who depend on you.

Your personal injury attorney will guide you regarding claims for lost future wages, which is vital for your future well-being and financial recovery. 

Recovering economic damages is not easy as it seems. Hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who will guide you through recovering financial losses in the lawsuit. 

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