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What are the Various Junglescout ToolsOn Offer?

A fantastic Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) product, Jungle Scout offers an all-encompassing platform for Amazon sellers. It helps them launch, expand, and manage their businesses more successfully. Find out about some of the valuable tools that it comes with, for the benefit of Amazon sellers.

What are the Tools Offered by Jungle Scout?

In a market where competition is fierce, Jungle Scout makes it possible for you to predict unanticipated events and always be able to stay ahead of your rivals.This is achieved due to various Junglescout tools, which include:

Product Tracker

With Product Tracker, you canstudy any existing Amazon goods and monitor the product you wish to investigate to evaluate.It offers a variety of criteria that will help you find the specific item you are looking for.

Product Database

Once you have the specific product in your possession that you wish to research on(using Product Tracker), you can check it out with the Product Database. You can receive information about its past performance, including how much money it has made recently and how popular it is with customers.

Niche Hunter

It gives you knowledge about the products that compete with yours.

  • You may learn everything there is to know about the items.
  • You cancompare them extensively to determine which is driving the market.

You only have to improve your productso that it outperforms the market leader.

Keyword Scout

Discovering the perfect search terms for your product can be made easier with the aid of Keyword Scout. It provides information on the search terms used by Amazon shoppers to find products that match the description of your offering. Once you have those keywords, you can select the most popular one to boost your product’s ranking.

Supplier Database

You can find all the important information about the merchants in the supplier database. You can search for the product in the Supplier Database to acquire a list of potential suppliers. Additionally, you can review their profiles to select the best provider for your goods.

Sales Analytics

You can manage and organize your Amazon sales data in real-time using sales analytics, allowing you to concentrate on cost-cutting and profit-building strategies to increase your earnings on Amazon. The use of specific data ranges in sales analytics enables you to compare sales over time and understand how refunds, promotions, and other factors affect your bottom line.

Browser Extension

Installing the Jungle Scout extension on Firefox or Chrome allows you to immediately add its potential to your browser. To receive all the information on these results, you must launch the extension after searching for a term or product on Amazon.Your browser will automatically add the extension, allowing you to check your theories as you browse the Amazon catalogue.


With Jungle Scout, you can receive a collection of tools that will help you with product and market research.It has a user-friendly UI that makes it simpler to learn and is quite simple to use. It is time saving, because you do not have to spend a lot of time learning about the tools and functions.

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