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Bleisure Travel: What Is It and Why Does it Matter?

The travel industry needs to embrace the concept of bleisure. It’s the newest trend when it comes to business travel.

Most people have never heard of bleisure. But the concept is pretty self-explanatory. It’s surprising that corporate travelers haven’t embraced the concept before.

Here is everything you need to know about bleisure travel.

1. Bleisure Explained

The word bleisure combines the words business and leisure.

It’s an umbrella term that covers a lot of different types of travel.

A corporate executive might have to fly to New York for a day. They decide to stay an extra day or two to enjoy the city. This is bleisure.

Or a worker heading to a conference decides to do some sightseeing. Hybrid work options have made bleisure more popular than ever. Workers aren’t used to the five day work week anymore.

No one wants to be stuck in the same job from nine to five at an office.

And no one wants to go on a trip and not be able to enjoy it.

Thus, bleisure has been born.

2. Work Life Balance

Everyone needs to be flexible.

This goes for employers as well as workers.

More employers are recognizing the importance of work life balance.

Bleisure travel is an important element of that.

Corporate travelers have long complained that they don’t get to enjoy their destinations. This ends up being bad for business in the long run.

If employees aren’t happy, they aren’t as productive.

It’s also important for them to establish a relationship with the place they visit. Hotels look the same pretty much everywhere. Creating a connection with a place enhances business relationships.

You should have a good work life balance when you’re in the office. The same is true for when traveling.

But when you’re on the road, you can’t head home at the end of the day. You still feel like you’re working in your hotel room.

It’s important to take some time to yourself and have some fun.

Enjoy your destination.

3. Huge Customer Base

The travel industry places customers in two categories.

You know this from hotel booking websites. You’re asked if you’re traveling for work or leisure. Many hotels cater to one client base or the other.

The lines are blurrier than they used to be. It’s important to recognize that bleisure travelers want something different. On a trip focused purely on work they want stability.

That means having the same type of hotel room and continental breakfast.

Bleisure travelers want to feel a sense of place. They don’t want a restaurant that has the same menu all over the world. Bleisure travelers want to eat unique foods and try new things.

Business hotels need to start offering more authentic experiences.

If not, they’ll start losing bleisure customers. So long as their basic needs are met, bleisure travelers are more likely to choose a boutique experience.

Bleisure is the industry’s biggest trend.

4. Remote Work

Hybrid and remote work changes the way we live.

Digital nomads are no longer tied to one place. They have embraced the advantages and disadvantages of remote work. Remote workers wouldn’t call these disadvantages, though.

Most digital nomads love a challenge.

They enjoy something that’s hard and not your cookie cutter experience. A remote worker wouldn’t have a problem staying in a hostel. Normal corporate travelers would never think of that.

However, even remote workers need stability. They will occasionally splurge on a hotel room with all the usual perks.

Start catering to remote workers.

A good internet connection is the most important thing for remote workers.

5. More than a Trend

Remote work is here to stay.

Bleisure travel is on the rise. It’s not going out of style.

It’s time to view bleisure and hybrid as more than just a pandemic trend. If you haven’t already started catering to bleisure travel, you’re behind. To get a feel for what bleisure is like, try it out.

See if you can work remotely for a few days.

That way you’ll know first-hand what a bleisure traveler needs.


More and more corporations and workers are embracing the idea of bleisure. You should be one of them.

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