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Five Reasons Why a 6.5 kva Generator for your Home is Worth the Cost

A generator is a machine that produces electrical energy. The article illustrates why a generator is a worthy purchase for your home. This article focuses on a 6.5 KVA generator because it’s the best suited to home use because of the purchase price affordability.

A generator produces power by converting mechanical to electrical energy. Both AC and DC electric power can get generated by generators. Furthermore, there are generators with different power capacities. These generators can get assigned to multiple uses. A 6.5 KVA generator is one of the best choices for your home. The following are more reasons to consider purchasing one:

You Get All the Power You Could Possibly Need

6.5 kva generators prices in Kenya provide value for money. Power outages are common occurrences that bring forth considerable losses. Food stored in fridges and freezers perishes. Individuals who work remotely or from are also greatly hindered by outages.

6.5 kva generators can power all household appliances from window air conditioners and televisionsto fridges and personal computers. Having the generator in place ensures continuous power provision for an affordable price as long as there’s fuel.


There are more than five manufacturers that sell 6.5 KVA generators. Due to no monopoly, the 6.5 kva generator price in Kenya is very affordable. Competition leads to high innovation levels and low costs.

Your competitor is always willing to offer a superior product at a lower price. 6.5 KVA generator customers get spoilt for choice. There are no price gaps between the different brands. The prices are an indication that customers are getting the best prices possible without sellers incurring losses.

Remarkable Fuel Consumption

The amount of fuel 6.5 kva generators consume varies according to brand. The differences are negligible since consumption is give-or-take fifty milliliters and the power ratings are the same. The average consumption is 350 milliliters per kilowatt per hour. A full tank will typically last for ten hours of maximum continuous use.


Many individuals around the country have both city residence and upcountry residence. Many individuals also have projects in place, for example, businesses or construction with power requirements. 6.5 KVA generators are portable and still have enough capacity to power many devices and machines.

These generators can get transported around in any vehicle, bicycle, or motorcycle. For distances that aren’t too lengthy, the generator can get carried by even individuals of ordinary strength. It is the epitome of portability.

Easy Maintenance

6.5 KVA generators are small hence occupy a small space. As a result, they can easily and securely get stored. The 6.5 KVA generators don’t have an excessive number of parts. Due to the build type, they require no routine maintenance and hardly break down.


A 6.5 KVA generator is a worthy purchase for your home. It will solve your black-out problems. It can get carried and used elsewhere and returned after use. Its prices are more affordable than ever. Finally, availability isn’t limited. Certain brands deliver.

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