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How to Make a YouTube Video (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you have a dream of becoming a Youtuber? Or do you have a brand and want to get a YouTube channel to market it? Whatever you plan, you can achieve great success with quality YouTube videos. YouTube has billions of very active viewers every day, and you can reach them to engage with your brand content.

If you aim to become a Youtuber and use your channel to make money, you need to attract YouTube viewers and subscribers. The more views your channel gets, the more likely you will be able to cash in on your channel. But where do you begin to capture the attention of online users to watch your content?

Well, the answer lies with the quality and engaging content. But you can’t wake up today and just begin posting. First, you need to create your channel. Once you have it, you can follow the tips below to shoot, edit your content, and begin posting.

An Easy Guide on How to Create YouTube Videos

Choose a Topic

Before you can begin posting on YouTube, you need to be specific on content. You can’t create videos on everything. That’s why focusing on a specific niche is essential. You may look up your video topic on the YouTube search bar or check what others are doing on YouTube and what you can improve on.

When researching your video topic, keep in mind the types of videos that can get many views. Also, figure out the different video structures, styles, and transitions for your video. This will help you plan your content and clearly envision the final video.

If you settle for a video topic that others have explored, try to find out what those video creators are doing well. Then, think about what you can improve on or do differently. You should also check what viewers say about those videos in the comment section. That will help you determine what a good video about your topic looks like.

Plan Your Content Creation Process

Every project requires planning. Failure to plan will leave you stuck in the video creation process or will lead you to create unattractive videos that don’t achieve your marketing goal. Do you want to educate your viewers, entertain them, or create brand awareness?

It’s critical to identify the goal of your YouTube videos before you start producing your content. That will help determine how you deliver it and the type of content to create. You can create a storyboard for your video. It can help you gauge everything you require to make your videos.

As you develop your plan, come up with a budget, determine the equipment you will need, and identify your target audience. Apart from that, you should think of a YouTube video editor you can use to polish your footage into a video that tells your audience a story.

How many people will you need in your video? Where will you shoot, and what will be the length of the video? Answering all these questions helps you be clear on your video’s specifics.

Get the Right Equipment

Once you have your video plan, get the equipment you require to bring your vision to life. Part of the essential gear you need is a camera. An iPhone camera can get your job done if your budget is limited. However, if you intend to live stream, you will require high-quality webcams.

A good microphone is also essential. For quality audio, go for an external microphone. Apart from that, you need a tripod to avoid shaky footage that can affect the quality of your video. 

Hit the Record Button

Have you chosen your filming location? You can now turn your camera on and begin shooting. Ensure to keep your camera rolling. If you make minor mistakes or misspeak, don’t stress yourself out to start everything all over. You can correct any errors when editing with the help of a YouTube video editor. So, keep going without turning your camera off.

You should capture as many shots as possible. But ensure to record the crucial shots only. Besides, you should embrace what you know. Since you know your video topic, get creative with it. To make your video more interesting, make sure to use different angles in your shots.

Edit Your Footage

While other processes are vital in making a video, this is critical. Remember, you’re creating content to post on social media. And it has to be engaging enough to attract viewers.

At this stage, you have time to clean up all the mistakes you might have made when shooting. You only need to use the best video editor for YouTube, and you can make your video ready for posting. Make sure to organise your clips in the best order. Use your video editor to cut and remove unwanted footage or weird pauses.

While working on editing, add cuts and transitions strategically. You should also adjust the colour of your footage to make it uniform. Adding text on the screen is a good idea to help your audience retain more of what they watch. Once you have done a thorough job, you can get feedback on your edit from friends or experts.

Optimise Video for Search Engines

You need to entice internet users to view your video. Ensure to write catchy titles and thumbnails for your YouTube video. Your video content should have the right keywords for a better ranking. All this helps you connect with online viewers who use YouTube search to find videos.

YouTube is one of the largest search engines. And to make your video be seen on YouTube, you need to use some SEO tactics. So, ensure to do a keyword search and use the best ones for your video. To optimize your video, you also need to add the right title for your content, descriptions, and tags.


That’s all you need to do as a beginner to create engaging YouTube videos. Find that exciting topic you want to make videos about and do your research. Go on and plan your content. After you have the right equipment, begin shooting. Once you have the best footage, use a YouTube video editor to cut and organize your clips into a video that tells a story. Your video should as well be optimized for search engines to rank them. That way, your content will reach a wider audience

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