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Signs that you must hire a workers’ compensation lawyer

In Virginia, you don’t need to necessarily hire a lawyer to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, you have certain responsibilities. First and foremost, you are required to inform your employer about the accident and your injury within 30 days. Since you are the one seeking workers’ compensation benefits, you are responsible for filing the Claim Form with the Commission. If the process is so easy, should you hire a workers comp lawyer Ashburn? Here are some key signs that you need an attorney. 

Your claim has been denied

A huge number of workers’ comp claims are denied by insurance carriers on many grounds. Many works end up taking the denial at face value. In fact, you have the right to file a Claim Form and appeal against the denial. If you have completed the form and the insurance company still denies your claim, you will have to go for a hearing. Having an attorney on your side is a good idea, especially when you have to head for the hearing before Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. 

You have a settlement offer

Insurance adjusters often try and offer a settlement, hoping that the injured worker is unaware of their rights and the worth of their claim. It takes experience and expertise to evaluate a workers’ compensation claim, and an attorney is your best bet. Lawyers are also skilled at negotiations and wouldn’t accept an offer unless it’s fair and covers your losses. 

Your situation is complex

You should hire a lawyer for your workers’ compensation claim in certain unique circumstances. For instance, if you have suffered an injury that is likely to alter your life and career permanently, talking to an attorney would help. Also, consult a lawyer if you have suffered permanent disabilities or have lost a limb. With matters related to Social Security benefits, working with a legal expert is a good idea, especially because the language in the settlement agreement has to be right. 

The cost of lawyering up

Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer in Ashburn doesn’t have to cost huge. Many law firms offer a free initial consultation and often work on a contingency fee. You are only required to pay the lawyer if you win. Your lawyer will usually charge a part of the settlement as their fee. 

Get an attorney to know what you can expect when filing a workers’ compensation claim. You have limited time to file your claim.

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