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Tata Play’s Rebranding: A Quick Look At The Execution

Tata Play, formerly known as Tata Sky, has served the nation as the leading DTH service provider for more than 15 years. Providing seamless entertainment, the company introduced the feature of Pause-Play-Rewind. This was a magnificent move in the entertainment platform where one can pause, and rewind shows from live broadcast channels.

With the advent of broadband and unlimited internet in almost every household, the entertainment industry has spread its wings. Live broadcast channels were the only source of entertainment back then; OTT platforms have also transpired in the last decade.

With the ever-evolving technology, entertainment platforms knew no bounds. Sometimes, the OTT platform has so much to give, and we can’t get enough of it. Moreover, OTT has taken the form of mainstream entertainment.

Tata Play has added Netflix to the existing pool of 12 OTT platforms along with Amazon Prime Video, making Tata Play Binge a super aggregator app. So now, along with your broadcast TV channels, you can enjoy all popular OTT content with a single subscription.

The Concept of Rebranding

As technology evolved, entertainment interests expanded on a large scale. Especially during the pandemic, people shifted to OTT platforms for devouring entertainment.

The amalgamation of DTH connection and OTT platforms under one umbrella escalates the content distribution. The company’s executive body also mentioned that with rebranding, they hope to bring in new business opportunities for the future.

Furthermore, the essential purpose was to carry on with the legacy of the Tata brand by leveraging the brand’s market leadership in its core business to create an ecosystem of content delivery by foraying into OTT and Broadband.

In other words, the brand’s primary purpose was to retain the massive trust of the consumers. So with ease, fun and simplicity, the company was thus revamped.

What Experts Have to Say

Tata, as a brand, has been serving India for many decades, being one of the most valuable ones. One of India’s leading DTH service providers, Tata Play, wishes to surpass every expectation by offering top-notch services and easy accessibility to a broader audience.

Tata Play’s creative agency Ogilvy & Mather India has thoroughly helped translate the thoughts into reality. The company was successful in creating something they had always dreamt of.

Chief Communications Officer of Tata Play, Anurag Kumar, extensively elaborated the creative process. He said that it is genuinely challenging to work on this intricate task and live up to the expectations. Their main target was to reshape their identity and mould the ever-evolving ecosystem.

Closing Thoughts

The marketing partners and the officials of Tata Play have successfully lived up to the challenge they have undertaken. The brand has retained its core values of providing seamless entertainment to its consumers. With the attractive combination of DTH packs and OTT platforms, Tata Play is all set to become your holistic entertainment provider.


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