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The Best Ways to Browse Someone’s Profile in Private on LinkedIn

Private Mode of LinkedIn enables you to keep your network activity hidden and remain anonymous when browsing other users’ accounts.

You automatically share your profile’s information with other LinkedIn users, when you browse the site by default. The information you provide on LinkedIn is stored, and the person whose page you visited will be made aware of your actions as a result. They may easily discover who has looked at your profile by looking at the ‘Who has looked at your profile’ list. You could find this handy if you want to demonstrate your interest in someone and encourage them to engage with you.

Quick Insights on Private Mode of LinkedIn

Private Mode of LinkedIn is a unique feature that was launched at the beginning of 2015. This feature allows users to manage the information displayed, while viewing other’s account. On LinkedIn, when you view another member’s profile, your information is stored for that user’s benefit so that they may see who has been viewing their account and possibly reach out to that person. The private mode gives you the option to turn off that function and make your searches more covert if you like.

So, private mode offers two outstanding features:

  • It allows you to browse through user profiles without revealing your identity.
  • Also, it makes it possible to move about LinkedIn without leaving a trail of your footsteps.

A private mode is an option that is quick and simple to modify, and everyone, regardless of whether they have LinkedIn premium, has access to this feature. For more information, visit the website.

Search for Profiles on LinkedIn Anonymously

Are there any ways that I can look at someone’s LinkedIn page without their knowledge, and what is the best way to search people anonymously on LinkedIn, and browse profiles wither in private or semi-private mode?

You will appear as a ‘LinkedIn Member’ when you visit a profile on LinkedIn while in private mode. The person, whose account you visited, will see in ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ section that a LinkedIn member is browsing their profile in private mode. Do not hesitate because private mode does not let sharing of your other details.

While in semi-private mode, the person you are seeing will get to know some aspects about your profile, including your work title, school, business, and organization, that you have specified (for example; Consultant at Tribe, Someone at Ibex, or Student of King’s University).

To switch between browsing modes, do the following:

  • Select the ‘Profile’ icon.
  • Click on ‘Settings & Privacy’.
  • From the left-hand side, choose ‘Visibility’.
  • Under your profile and network section, profile and network visibility can be changed.
  • Choose the browsing mode you’d like to use when navigating the site.
  • There are three alternatives;
  • Headline and name
  • Characteristics of a private profile (i.e., title of job, school, and industry)
  • The Private mode

Premium account lets you navigate with private mode switched on, while still seeing individuals who have visited your account in the previous 90 days. An account with the Basic (free) plan does not allow this. Since we respect our members’ privacy, you will not be able to see the titles of private mode onlookers on your account even with a Premium account.

Benefits of Using Private Mode?

LinkedIn Private Mode is used for many purposes by users and each of them is unique. Some job searchers choose to remain anonymous when studying alternative organizations in their field, especially if they are still working in their current position since many employers are not pleased with their employees looking for new employment options. It is also possible that sales professionals and recruiters might wish to remain anonymous while developing an extensive list of potential leads until they are ready to contact them. Digital marketing businesses may also employ this approach.

In general, if you’d want to experiment with a bit of anonymous surfing on LinkedIn, Private Mode is a fantastic tool for doing so. Many new users also like to remain anonymous while exploring and learning more about the LinkedIn platform in its early stages.


Connecting with others and opening oneself up to new chances and relationships is at the heart of LinkedIn. In this sense, using LinkedIn’s Private Mode regularly is a bad idea. However, suppose you’re someone who is worried about their online privacy and doesn’t want anybody to be able to hunt you down using your LinkedIn public information. In that case, you can consider utilizing Private mode to remain anonymous on the network instead.

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