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The Truth Behind Delta 8 THC Cartridge: Is It THC?

If you’re a regular cannabis user, you’ve likely come across Delta 8 THC cartridges or any other variety of THC cartridges. They are the easiest and most discreet way to consume your weed. Besides the reusable vape tank, delta 8 cartridges only comes with three other components: A metal casing, an inner chamber and a rubber plug. There is no indication of the brand, ingredients list or any other information on these components. So what’s going on here? Let’s find out…

How Do You Find Out The Ingredients In A THC Cartridge?

If you’re buying a Delta 8 THC cartridge from an unknown brand, you can’t just go by the name and expect it to be THC. You don’t know if it’s legitimate or full of synthetic ingredients. One of the only ways to know for sure is by sending the cartridge to a lab for testing. These types of tests reveal the exact ingredients and their levels within the cartridge. The results will show you how much THC and other cannabinoids are in the cartridge. Other lab tests, such as pesticide and solvent testing, are also available.

Is There Any Proof That Delta 8 THC Is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?

According to the lab results, Delta 8 Carts is 85.5% THC. That’s pretty close to the 10%-16% THC that you’d find in cannabis. However, the other ingredients found in the cartridge don’t exactly match up. The ingredients list for the Delta 8 THC cartridge includes:

propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavourings, and terpenes. A solvent test was also performed on the cartridge and revealed no traces of any harmful solvents. This doesn’t mean the cartridge is safe to vape, but it doesn’t have the same levels of carcinogens as the butane hash oil used to fill cheaper vape cartridges.

Is Delta 8 Cannabis And THC The Same Thing?

Delta 8 THC and THC are both types of cannabinoids that are found in cannabis plants. THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It produces the euphoric high that people are looking for when they consume weed. Delta 8 THC is a synthetic cannabinoid that has a similar chemical structure to THC.

The only difference is that the Delta 8 THC is a decarboxylated version of THC, meaning that you can vape it without losing any potency. Delta 8 cannabis is the same thing as THC, but the THC is not decarboxylated. This means that you cannot vape it and get the same high as an un-vaped decarboxylated form of Delta 8 cannabis.


A Delta 8 THC cartridge is a great choice if you want to get your cannabis fixed without having to smoke it. However, if you don’t want to go by a catchy name, there’s no guarantee that it’s THC. You can test the cartridge to make sure it contains a large amount of THC. But make sure to read the ingredients list so that you know what else is inside the cartridge. Keep in mind that a cartridge labeled as Delta 8 THC isn’t the same thing as a cartridge that’s filled with THC.

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