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Tips to Include Your Office Space in Your Branding Game

In the past two decades, the contemporary office has experienced dramatic transformations. During the early 2000s, we bid goodbye to cubicle farms, and open floor plans became popular. In 2015, the office space looked cool since there were foosball and Ping-Pong tables everywhere. According to Forbes, even though office trends are transient, one thing that never changes is the influence of the office environment on the health and overall well-being of employees. You will realize that a high-quality office space design results in a more productive, efficient, and less stressful environment. However, office space should transmit the same message as its company branding. The most well-known brands infuse their branding message, goals, and values in their office spaces.

You may realize that branding is the most crucial aspect of a successful organization. Whether a startup or a multinational, your potential customers will, first of all, come across your brand. Your brand is much more than only the color scheme or logo. Your brand demonstrates your vision, values, and things to expect from you. It is of pivotal importance to have a well-branded office space for making a positive impression on your clients.

Naming the Office Space Company: Mistakes to Avoid

Branding is the most effective way of imprinting in the minds of your audience your identity, philosophy, vision, and the goals you are consistently trying to accomplish. Your office space company branding starts with naming the business. In this context, you should realize that naming a business is a challenging process, and you may avoid a few common mistakes.

Avoid Confusing Names: It is logical to choose a theme for your office space company. However, if you select a theme that brings you to numerous similar names, it will culminate in employee frustration and disappointment. Names of renowned cities allow for easy recognition and clarity. You may avoid confusing names. You may seek assistance from online company name generators for varied and relevant office space company names.

Avoid Unclear Names: Currently, there is a tendency to use numbers and letters. You may choose NE 403 and SW 301, for North East, fourth floor, office space 3, and South West, third floor, office space 1. These names will be resented by guests and new employees alike.

Avoid Choosing Boring Names: If you think that your company name will look nice and creative if you name it after famous people or breakfast cereals, you are sadly mistaken. Do not be boring. Choose a theme that reflects and connects seamlessly with your mission, vision, ethics, and values, as a company. For instance, if you own an architecture business, your office space name may be after famous buildings or architects.

Avoid Hard-to-Pronounce Names: Some names are incredibly difficult to say. For instance, using chemistry-associated names may seem highly relatable and intriguing, but many people will be frustrated because they would be struggling to pronounce such hard names.


Workplace design and name positively impact health, overall well-being, employee performance, and satisfaction. There is a major potential for influencing employee well-being positively via human-oriented naming and designing. You should create spaces for employees to recharge and put in their best.

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