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8 Types of Outdoor Curtains That Ensure Privacy in Your Backyard

Do you live in a house that is surrounded by other houses? Does worry about making your backyard patio look attractive to your neighbors? If yes, patio curtains are an ideal solution for you. The patio curtains make sure that the patio looks private and ensures the privacy of all the people sitting inside it.

The patio curtains can be bought from any home depot or gallery in a variety of colors, designs and lengths. There are five types of patio curtains available in the market. It is good to know about these patio window coverings before buying them because it will provide you with valuable information on how they work. In case if you want to install them yourself then this knowledge is really going help you out.

So, here are the 8 patio curtains available for your patio.

1. Solar screens patio curtain

Solar screens patio curtain is made of fiberglass and other synthetic materials. It also comes with aluminum frame that makes it durable. These patio window coverings come in various colors, designs, sizes and shapes to provide you with an attractive patio appearance. The best thing about solar screen patio drapes is that they can be easily installed on both horizontal as well as vertical surfaces without any kind of mess or complication involved in it. Besides this, these patio drapes are washable which means you can simply throw them into washing machine to get rid of all stains and dirt from them whenever required. Solar screen patio curtains also reduce energy bills by blocking sun rays that enter into patio. This patio curtain is perfect for patio because it absorbs heat and keeps patio cool in summers.

2. Cafe curtains patio coverings

Cafe patio curtains are very popular patio window coverings that can be used to turn any patio into a restaurant or cafe like ambiance by adding an elegant touch to the patio appearance. They are available in numerous attractive colors, designs and shapes that provide your patio with graceful look. These curtains are easily washable which means you need not worry about getting them cleaned just toss them into washing machine whenever required . Besides this, these patio drapes also reduce energy bills by blocking sun rays that enter into patio.

3. Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains have vinyl coatings that prevent patio window from coming into contact with rain, snow or sun. They are perfect because they reduce heat that enters patio by absorbing it and keep patio cool in summers. Moreover, patio curtains can be easily installed on patio doors as well as walls without any kind of complication involved in it.

4. Privacy Curtains Patio Coverings

These are very popular patio drapes among people who have pool enclosures at their homes so that the privacy of the pool enclosure is maintained. These patio drapes are available in different colors, designs, lengths and shapes to provide you with an infinite variety to choose from so that your patio looks stylish and more importantly private. You can get these patio window coverings for your patio by simply visiting patio or home depot.

5. Decorative patio covers

You can always use patio curtains to decorate patio by getting patio coverings that come with attractive colors, designs and unique shapes. You can simply hang these patio window treatments on rooftop or wall of patio to enhance its beauty like never before. These decorative patio drapes are available in different materials including fabric, vinyl etc so you need not worry about their quality as well as durability.

6. Outdoor patio draperies

If you want to add an elegant touch to patio appearance then outdoor patio drapes are best option for your patio because they come in decorative and attractive colors, designs and shapes that enhance patio beauty like never before. Outdoor patio coverings also provide privacy by blocking view of patio from street. They also prevent patio window from coming into contact with rain or snow during winter season therefore, these patio curtain eliminate the need of umbrella on rooftop. Therefore, get them installed on patio at once!

7. Privacy Sheers Patio Drapes

You can use privacy sheer patio curtains on windows and doors to maintain privacy both while maintaining the elegance and charm of your home. Patio curtains provide sun protection by blocking harmful sun rays from patio area. These patio drapes can also be used as patio room dividers because they allow light and air to enter patio without compromising privacy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should opt for patio sheers so that your patio looks elegant and well-defined.

8. Motorized Patio Covers Solar Screen

If you want motorized patio window coverings then motorized solar screen patio curtains are best option for you because these patio drapes come with latest technology that electronically opens or closes them at your command therefore, you don’t have to worry about making any kind of manual effort for opening or closing them whenever required. Besides this, motorized patio covers not only enhance curb appeal but also increase property value by creating modern patio area.


In addition to patio drapes, patio covers and patio screens are also available that you can get custom made for your patio door. Besides this, you can also get patio awnings that enhance beauty of patio by providing shade from sun rays during summer season therefore, protect yourself from harsh sunrays while sitting on patio with family and friends.

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