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Cost of Maintaining a Pool: Maintenance and Repairs

In current days’ society, the shifting temperatures between spring and summer are one of the reasons that individuals who can afford it want to purchase homes that include a swimming pool on the property. Those that are more luxurious are equipped with lounge chairs and a large grilling area if you decide to have a little pool party for your guests. Of course, to keep the fun going, you need to know the cost of maintaining a pool.

If you can easily maintain a beautiful pool, the hot summers will bring you an influx of new acquaintances that you will not handle. Have you ever entertained the notion of buying a swimming pool? It’s crucial to remember that having a pool means you’ll have to pay for its upkeep and the cost of the pool itself.

Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that your swimming pool retains its pool-like appearance rather than turning into a pond. During the season when the pool is in use, pool maintenance costs an average of $180 a month on average. Skimming the water and adding chemicals to the pool are two of the most basic and least expensive pool care duties. On the other end of the scale, replacing broken equipment or preparing the pool for the season’s first swim session will cost more.

Owning a swimming pool is an investment, and regular care will ensure that it lasts for many years to come. Besides cleaning the pool, an expert who has been recruited to assist with pool maintenance should inspect empty traps, baskets, filters, and pumps, brush the pool walls, and vacuum. The typical cost of maintaining a pool ranges between $150 and $200 each year. Because pool care is essentially the same whether you hire a service once a month, twice a month, or once a week, hiring a service more frequently is that the pool will always appear clean.

Professionals can also detect any possible problems, such as obstructions or damaged pumps, by performing routine maintenance. This can help you avoid more expensive repairs that may become necessary if the problem is left unattended for an extended period.

Average Cost of Maintaining a Pool

The majority of professionals bill at $75 to $100 per hour. Regular cleaning of the equipment and opening and closing the pool at the beginning and end of each season are all available as optional services. The size and type of equipment will determine the exact cost.

In-ground and Above-ground pool maintenance

The cost of hiring a professional to clean an above-ground or in-ground pool is the same, ranging from $75 to $100 per hour. Both require sweeping the bottom and sides, which can be done manually or by an automatic cleaning.

Because above-ground pools are smaller in size than inground pools, they require less cleaning than inground pools. This is true whether the pool is with or without a deck. Because the inside is more easily accessible, the job will be completed in less time.

Salt Water Pool Maintenance

The cost of salt and chemicals on an annual basis ranges from $70 to $100. Replacement of the salt cell will cost an additional $200 to $800 every 3 to 7 years, depending on usage. The cost of installing a saltwater unit is higher initially, but decreased maintenance expenses over time can assist in offsetting this.

Equipment such as seals and heaters can be affected by corrosion produced by the salt, which may or may not limit their life span. A professional can assess your equipment and make recommendations for preventative actions, like installing a zinc disk in your skimmer to reduce corrosion. The disks, which are around $15 each, absorb the rusting.

Indoor pool maintenance

According to the EPA, the average indoor unit consumes approximately $15 worth of chemicals every month. Aside from that, there is very little upkeep necessary. When you invest in a pool cover, you will not worry about dirt getting into your indoor buildings. Pool covers range in price from about $30 for a woven cover to more than $10,000 for an automatic version. Covers can also aid in the reduction of humidity and the preservation of water temperature.

Pool Repair Cost

Although it is hoped that this will not be a recurring problem, pool owners should anticipate making repairs from time to time. According to the problem, pool repair might range from $10 to more than $20,000, depending on the situation.


A direct answer on the cost of repairing a leak is challenging to offer because it is highly dependent on the facts of each situation that arises. Purchasing a leak repair kit and performing the repairs yourself could cost as little as $10 on the low end of the spectrum. For example, a professional job that includes emptying the pool, fixing the leak, and replenishing the water could cost $3,500 on the high end.

Pool filter replacement

Pool filters can range in price from $150 to $1,000. If you hire a professional to replace your pool filter, you should expect to spend approximately $1,500 and $2,000 on the service.

Pool drain repair

The most expensive part of fixing pool drains is the labor involved. As a result, it is often preferable to replace a broken drain rather than attempt to repair it. Depending on the extent of the damage, the repairs could cost between $400 and $700.

Repairing or replacing the pump motor

It costs from $50 to $300 to restore a pump motor; however, if the engine needs to be replaced, it rises to between $250 and $650. In addition, if the swimming plumbing system requires maintenance, the cost may be increased.

Cracked pool beam repair

A damaged pool beam can be repaired for an average of $75 per linear foot of length. You will want the services of a trained professional to do the project, which will include retiling the pool floor because it is a significant repair.

If you cannot maintain your pool yourself, it would be helpful to hire a maintenance service. To do this, you would first need to have an estimate or knowledge of the cost of maintaining a pool. Companies will take care of everything, from routine treatments to seasonal closing and reopening of businesses. The majority of maintenance companies charge between $75 and $100 per hour. Some services may be subject to an additional fee.

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