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Common Errors to Avoid When Applying for Social Security Disability

Applying for Social Security Disability can be a difficult and frightening process. There are a couple of benefits for applicants, such as medical coverage and a monthly cash benefit for up to 15 years. Often, these benefits are the only support an applicant has. To be eligible for disability, the applicant must meet certain criteria and submit a completely filled-out application. Common errors include: not getting help from a professional, not meeting medical eligibility criteria, providing incomplete or incorrect work and earnings information, failing to follow instructions for the application process, not being honest or consistent in the application process, and not being prepared for the hearing.

Error 1: Not Getting Help from a Professional

One of the most common mistakes that people make when applying for Social Security Disability is not seeking help from an experienced professional. You are much more likely to win disability benefits when you have a good attorney or another advisor who can represent you at your hearing and tell the judge why you need those benefits. An experienced disability lawyer will ensure that you have gathered all of the necessary paperwork and met all the medical eligibility criteria and will also help you prepare and give your testimony at the hearing.

Error 2: Not Meeting the Medical Eligibility Criteria

Individuals making applications for Social Security Disability benefits should be conscientious about what they give on their application. The Social Security Administration will not consider other evidence, such as a letter from a clinician, hospital records, or letters of recommendation given to you by friends.

Error 3: Providing Incomplete or Incorrect Work and Earnings Information

To win benefits, you must provide all the required toonily paperwork and complete all of the requirements listed on the application documents. If your application is incomplete, it will be more difficult for your attorney to make an argument on your behalf and bring up relevant information to help convince the judge. You will also run the risk of being disqualified from receiving benefits.

Error 4: Not Following Instructions for the Application Process

Your application must be filled out in a specific format and must be processed accordingly with how to apply for social security disability insurance based on the standards of SSA. It must be signed, dated, and contain specific information, including your name and Social Security number. If it is not filled out correctly, you run the risk of being disqualified from receiving benefits or even having to start all over again with a new application. 

Error 5: Not Being Honest or Consistent in the Application

Although it is not required, you should always disclose any health conditions and other issues that could cause you to be disqualified from receiving benefits. For example, many people who are applying for benefits are aware of their addiction to drugs or alcohol. The Social Security Administration is not completely blind and can see that you were aware of your drug or alcohol use while receiving disability benefits. By hiring an experienced disability lawyer to represent you, you can avoid being disqualified from receiving benefits and have the opportunity to prove to the judge that you have overcome your addiction problem.

Error 6: Not Being Prepared for the Hearing

The best way to avoid making errors when applying for Social Security Disability benefits is always to be prepared. You must gather all necessary paperwork and documents related to your disability before applying. It is recommended that your attorney review all of the paperwork before submitting it. Preparation can go a long way to winning the hearing and receiving benefits.


By taking the necessary steps in the application process, you can avoid making common mistakes that result in the denial of benefits. You will be able to provide a convincing argument and win the hearing. You might even be eligible for disability benefits for life! So there is no reason not to get the help of an experienced disability lawyer or other advisors that can guide you through this process.

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