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Everything you need to know on bizzo casino


New to bizzo casino? Thisarticle will tell you about the game bizzo casino, and hopefully, this will answer all your questions. This is a new gaming site and has been established in 2021, and it is a very fair call. by the end of the article, you will have all the information you need on this site and how you can play more than 3000+ games that are available to play on this site. This game was licensed by the government and you can have bonuses, promotions, and many other things worth your time playing this game. Keep reading this article, and tell you on the site and game.

About bizzo casino

The owner and operator of the site are a company called tech solutions, and they are one of the most active players in the gambling scene. They own many other gaming destinations which include the national casino and also 20bet sportsbook. Is this site legit? Well as we mentioned that the site has been licensed by the government so you don’t have to worry about anything. Now that we have that out of the way will give you a beginner’s guide. Once you go to the site all you need to do is click the button, which registers. Fill in all the information and select the currency you want to use and your phone numbers. Click the next step, and you can add your user name and gender with your date of birth. Keep in mind that you need to be 18+ to play this game. Now agree to the terms and conditions, and you are ready to go. This is how easy to get started with BIzzoCasino.nl.

Let us talk about the payment methods. To be able to start playing, you must make the first deposit. You can do so via the green button call deposit, and make your first deposit, don’t forget to select the welcome bonus so that you don’t miss out on your 100% sign-up bonus deal. We tell you more about that later on. All you need to do is scroll lower to the banking section of the review about the site and you will see the full list of available depositing methods. Choose your one and make the money transfer so that you can start playing the games.

It may take a while to show up in your account 99% of the time it’s instantly. Now you can withdraw the cash on the same just click on the withdraw button, and you see the available options then you just have to fill in the details, and all the money that you won will be on your account within 2 business days worst-case scenario. Now that basics are out of the way, there are tons and tons of things do to on-site. Like, keep claiming the extra rewards and additional gaming content, which is every week. There is also something all bizzo casino live dealer games. They also have 24/7 customer services just in case you need any kind of help.


Well, you will have a great time on the site, and make sure to be careful when putting money down on the table there are more than 3000+ games to play with. Make sure to check the site for more information GLHF!

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