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Explore the Lobuche Peak

Mountain climbers always love a challenging peak and hill to practice their skills. And when you can also enjoy the fascinating beauty of stunning cliffs, it gets more thrilling and exciting. Lobuche Peak is one of the most prestigious peaks for mountain climbers for various reasons.

Located in Nepal, next to Everest Base Camp, Lobuche Peak holds an excellent attraction for trekking groups for diverse reasons. If you want to enjoy the fascinating few of Mount Everest and Khumbu valley along with practising your climbing skills, it is a total go for you. SummitClimb helps you to explore the Lobuche Peak by offering Everest View Glacier School on the said peak. This article comprises everything you need to know about trekking and summiting Lobuche Peak.

Lobuche Peak Summit Trek-Weather

Serious 8000m mountaineers found Lobuche peak fascinating for its acclimatization and practice benefits. You don’t have to worry about logistics as both Base and high camps accommodate ample space for food and water. High altitude weather conditions are not that reliable. Even in the best trekking seasons, there are sudden weather changes expected. However, a delay of a few hours in flights to and from Lukla should be expected. Climb to Lobuche Peak is straightforward and involve low hurdles to make it more reliable for mountain climbers to learn high altitude mountain climbing skills with SummitClimb.

What To Carry For Lobuche Peak Summit Trek?

With its 6000 meters straightforward height, Lobuche Peak makes it a great mountain climbing experience generating peak with its spine-tingling view of Everest glacier and Mt. Everest. As exciting as it might sound, the 20000 feet climbing height deserve respect and excellent mountaineering skills. Although you can learn everything you need at Everest View Glacier School on Lobuche Peak by SummitClimb still, there are certain expectations that you need to come prepared for. The secret to making a successful summit to Lobuche Peak is that your body should be adapted to the lack of oxygen along with technical experience. Specifically, you need to prepare your travel item, trekking gear, climbing gear, personal accessories and your documents before flying to Nepal to begin your mountain climbing adventure at Lobuche Peak. All these gears, accessories and documents are required for other trips like Manaslu, Lhotse etc. Collapsible trekking poles, Thermarest or other lightweight pads and sleeping bags are the prime trekking necessities that you have to bring to enjoy your experience without facing any difficulties.

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