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rob lewis decemberpaulreuters is a friend of mine and I think he’s one of the more interesting authors out there. His new novel, DEVIL BITE DARK (coming in paperback next year), is about an American teen who witnesses her parents murdered, finds herself at the center of a supernatural conspiracy, and must struggle to save her city from a dark lord. It’s also been compared to The Usual Suspects and was even adapted into an Anne Rice adaptation last year. If you love your action-adventure with a little bit of mystery and a dash of heartbreak, this is the book for you. Wrongful murder? God’s revenge? Devilish plans for our city? You get the picture. And if you like books about teens with special powers, you should give this one a try too!

What’s the deal with DEVIL BITE DARK?

It’s hard to put into words the feeling I had when I started reading DEVIL BITE Dark. It’s an interesting mix of surprise, anticipation, and sadness. I’d heard about the book before and it was well worth the wait. DEVIL BITE Dark follows five teenagers—each with one unique power—who are introduced to the world of dark souls. They’re all follows, programmed to be Killers, and they’re all young. The five teens are: Todd, a drug addict Trudi, a six-foot-tall, 350-pound athlete Alex, an art student who can see beyond common sense and make unusual magical abilities Noah, a quiet, reserved kid who has special abilities that only he understands Hayley, a smart, sensitive kid who is smart enough to be “not smart” Joel, a kind and thoughtful 15-year-old with a normal IQ, but special mind reading skills Finn, a goofy, mischievous 15-year-old who is actually kind of smart and has an unusual knowledge of magic and psychology So that’s a pretty good list! Once you start reading DEVIL BITE Dark, it’s hard to put down. It’s full of action, adventure, mystery, and a few light-hearted moments that made me smile.

How to read DEVIL BITE Dark

Reading DEVIL BITE Dark is a never-ending adventure. You’re never quite sure what’s coming next and you may have to keep reading to find out. You might have to do this a few times before you figure out what the “what” is and “how” is. And then there are the random thoughts that spring to mind when reading DEVIL BITE Dark. These include: What’s nice about reading in advance is that I don’t have to spend an hour writing a new “chapter” until I’ve read the whole book. This makes the process of reading much more enjoyable because I can see the pages turning as I read. Reading DEVIL BITE Dark makes me feel young again. It makes me want to run and jump into action when I hear the sirens. It makes me want to do anything that puts my foot in the door (which is basically anything that requires feet). Reading DEVIL BITE Dark makes me want to learn new skills, like some new verbal skills like secret names or the meaning of words. So many books have the “What is the ‘what’” and “when” and “how” of the “how” muddled together.

What if a Devil Had No Memory?

This one had me laughing out loud and also cheered me up a bit. I mean, what’s not to like about a young man who foresees and experiences the “before” he dies” of his parents? What’s even more fun is that the reader is not entirely sure how this “before” the “life” of the boy in the novel differs from his “after” life. So there’s this wild, ongoing duet between reader and author, as we try to unpack what’s happening in our own lives at the same time.

Is God in the Details?

This one made me laugh and I didn’t think it was a horror book at all. But when I read it cover to cover, I realized that the details are what make a story great. They’re the basis on which the rest of the book is built. The reader is constantly on guard against being too “in,” being taken in by the “right” things, or “rightful” (don’t ask).

The Devil Is in the Details … But He’s Not Trying To Tell You How to Live Your Life!

My last friend in the world is a young author who I think might be one of the most interesting people in the world. Her name is Rob McElhenney and she’s a New York Times bestselling author who is also known for her dark, intricate, and guttural voice. Her novel, DEVIL BITE DARK, is about an American teen who witnesses her parents killed, finds herself at the center of a supernatural conspiracy, and must struggle to save her city from a dark lord. This is a dystopian novel about a future when only the strongest survive and those who survive are forced to face the truth about their origins. I don’t usually like dystopian novels but when I heard this was based on a true story, I was sold. The story is about a young survivor of the Salem witch trials who must come to terms with the fact that she never had a “normal” life and that her parents were “bad” people.

Who is Rob McElhenney and what does his name mean?

Rob McElhenney is an American author and poet whose work has been published in a wide variety of publications including The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and The Times of India. As of January 23, 2019, he has published three books: DEVIL BITE Dark, The Martian Meeting, and What If a Devil Had No Memory?

#The Todd and Trudi Michaels Book Club: “Devil Bite Dark” Author Talk

After reading DEVIL BITE Dark, I felt like I needed to talk to my readers about my book. You see, I have a very simple question for you: What’s the most basic thing you ever did? The Todd and Trudi Michaels book club is a group of teens who meet every month to discuss their books and discuss the differences between the books they read. The question was easy enough to answer: What’s the most basic thing you ever did? In answer to the question, of course, I would recommend starting with starting a fire with matches and sitting in the middle of a forest until it’s burning bright enough for you to see. Once you have the basics down, you can go into more detail about your experiences and what makes a book great.

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