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Flowering Plants To Bring Home Today


The rose, as we all know, is one of the most popular flowers in the world. Giving someone a rose is the same as telling them you love them. So it’s logical that you’d like to bring a rose plant home with you. However, growing a rose plant is not simple. You’ll need to do some study to learn everything there is to know about caring for a rose plant.


Dahlia is most likely one amongst the plants you already have at home. Dahlia plants are very common, at least in India. They are a gorgeous shade of yellow and are finely cut, and they are members of the Chrysanthemum, Sunflower, and Daisy flower families.

Rose Periwinkle

This is arguably one of India’s most well-known plants. When it comes to the weather, it is fairly forgiving. You must, however, keep it away from excessive heat. Catharanthus Roseus is its scientific name, and the flowers are generally seen in colours of fresh pink. The rose periwinkle flowering plant blooms all year and has some medicinal benefits. However, without sufficient understanding and expert advice, you should not eat or utilize it for medicinal purposes.


The Chrysanthemum plant, which is native to our continent of Asia, is particularly widespread in India. You may not recognise it by name, but if you live in India, we guarantee you have seen it at least once throughout your life. Throughout the winter, the Chrysanthemum plant produces gorgeous flowers.

Indian Jasmine

The Indian Jasmine, as we all know, is not only one of the most popular flowers, but it is also a popular perfume aroma. Jasminum sambac is another name for it. It has a beautiful white tint and is commonly used to make ornaments.

Peace Lily

One of the most uplifting flower plants you may have in your home is the Peace Lily. Yes, you read that correctly. You may keep your Peace Lily plant indoors as long as you water it regularly and provide it with adequate sunlight. Tranquility Lily, as its name suggests, is believed to bring peace in the environment in which it is kept.


You should acquire some daisy plants if you wish to turn your home into a floral oasis. They’re available in pure white and sunny yellow. On the Himalayan foothills, daisies grow in abundance. Daisies are a beautiful flower that may be used both indoors and out.

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