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How to Manage Patient Reviews of Dentists Online

The first step in creating an online presence for your dental practice is to monitor and respond to patient reviews. Many prospective patients do not click past the first few results and will instead scroll to the end of the list. However, it is important to note that your potential patients are not the only ones looking for patient reviews. Potential patients also read reviews about other medical professionals in the same field. Whether it is a dentist’s website or a blog, it is important to keep track of these types of online forums.

Review your practice

Providing gift cards or other incentives to patients who review your practice is a great way to entice them to post positive comments. While the Federal Trade Commission does not allow practices to compensate patients for negative reviews, you can provide incentives in the form of free services, movie tickets, or flowers. You can also use a website like RepGen to remind them to give a review to a specific dental practice. They will send a text message or email asking for a review and will follow up with a phone call within a few hours.


Patient reviews of dentists on Yelp are a great way to get feedback from current patients. A positive review is a great way to attract new customers and increase your reputation amongst current patients. Studies show that 72% of potential patients look up a business’s reputation online when choosing a healthcare provider. By ensuring a high number of positive reviews, your practice will have a much better chance of generating more business.

Dental practices on social media

It is also important to monitor negative reviews of dental practices on social media. This type of feedback is extremely valuable and can help you increase your patient base. Unfortunately, most dental practices do not acknowledge the presence of these reviews on social media. It is extremely difficult to manage your reputation online, and any negative reviews could cost your practice a significant amount of money. If you do acknowledge a negative review, you could face hefty fines and a trial. In addition, a negative review could damage your practice’s credibility and reputation.

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Impact of a negative review

It is also essential to understand the impact of a negative review on your dental practice. You should never respond to a negative review and encourage patients to leave a positive one. By encouraging your patients to write a positive review, you are improving your practice’s reputation and building brand loyalty. But, if you want to avoid fake reviews, you should focus on getting patient reviews of your dental practice. Once you have a healthy reputation, it will be easier for your patients to trust you.


Taking steps to protect your dental practice from negative reviews is essential for the practice. In addition to ensuring that your practice is above board, you should also make sure that your staff is responsive to the comments. If you are unable to answer all your patients’ questions, you can use the tools of Repgen to do this for you. Ensure that you always keep the privacy of your patients. If you are not willing to address these concerns, you can’t ask them to leave a review.

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