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Investing in Pink Argyle Diamonds

Investing in traditional assets can be risky, so you may want to consider diversifying your wealth by investing in other types of assets, such as Argyle pink diamonds. This way, your money is protected from the risk of losing value if one of your traditional investments is ruined. Argyle pink diamonds, on the other hand, can easily appreciate in value and are a great way to protect your investments.

Argyle seam

When assessing your investing in pink argyle diamonds, you should consider the price of a rare and unique gem. Argyle diamonds, for example, are extremely rare and will rise in price as the demand for them increases. Pink diamonds are a precious commodity that will increase in value as they become harder to find and more valuable. You can consider purchasing an argyle diamond as a gift or for your own personal use.

There are many advantages to buying these rare gems. They are relatively inexpensive compared to many other gemstones, making them an excellent option for those who want to diversify their portfolios. They are also highly sought after, but the Rio Tinto Argyle mine in Western Australia is set to run out of the stone by 2021. That means investing in this rare gem could provide a valuable hedge against inflation.

Argyle grading system

The Argyle grading system for the color of pink argyle diamonds is linked to the GIA’s colour coding system, but differs in many ways. It uses word descriptions instead of a number, which is more commonly used for diamonds. Pink Argyle diamonds are highly valued and sought after. The colour of this gem can vary by up to 20 percent depending on its clarity, cut and polishing.

The Argyle grading system for coloured diamonds is not widely used, but it does offer unique ways to classify the different types of pink argyle diamonds. This system identifies the different grades of colour intensity, with one being the most intense and vivid, to one that is just a ‘soft pink’. The Argyle grading system for pink argyle diamonds has four grading categories, each divided by colour intensity. For example, a ‘purplish pink’ diamond is graded one PC1 and a ‘soft pink’ diamond is graded PC3.

Demand for argyle diamonds

Argyle diamonds gain their color through a process unique to the mine. These stones undergo intense heat and pressure, altering the crystal lattice, which causes the pink color. The deep pink color is created by densely packed graining planes within the diamond. Many treatment techniques are available to further enhance the color of pink Argyle diamonds. Listed below are some of the most common.

The Argyle pink diamond is a true love among diamond connoisseurs around the world. Indian high-net-worth individuals and business families have become aware of its rarity and have expressed their desire to own one. Besides being a collector’s item, Argyle diamonds are also excellent investments with double-digit growth each year. As supply of these diamonds is limited, prices will continue to climb.

Argyle certification

GIA and Argyle both issue reports on the characteristics of investing in a pink diamond. GIA certificates are accepted worldwide, while Argyle reports are more widely traded. These diamonds go through multiple tests before obtaining a Delta certificate, which is the most stringent of all certifications. Both GIA and Argyle reports are issued by independent gemological laboratories. These reports have the same characteristics, but they differ in how the stones are graded.


GIA’s system graded pink diamonds in the same way it grades other coloured stones, but it was still inadequate in differentiating between Argyle and GIA certified stones. Argyle graded pinks according to the strength of their colour, as compared to pale gems. Consequently, pink Argyle diamonds will increase in value over time if they have a high-quality Argyle certificate.

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