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Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Business Ventures

Since rising to fame as a reality karinnews television star, Kim Kardashian has become a major business mogul through her many business ventures. Below are some of her biggest successes. Kardashian’s first business venture was in 2007, when she and her minex world sisters launched the clothing line “DASH.” The store was located in Los Angeles and sold clothing and accessories. The store closed in
1. In 2009, Kardashian launched her own fragrance line, aptly named “Kim Kardashian.” The fragrances have been a hit and have gone on to become one of the top selling guexams.com login fragrances in the world. Kardashian has also had success in the apparel industry. In 2012, she launched the “Kardashian Kollection” which was sold in Sears stores across the US. The collection featured apparel and accessories for both men and women. The line was discontinued in
2. Kardashian is also a savvy investor. She has invested in numerous companies, including the beauty app “Beautycon,” the ride-sharing company “Lyft,” and the mobile payment sonicomusica company “Square.” Kardashian has also made a name for herself in the world of social media. She has her own website, KimKardashian.com, and an app that allows users to purchase her products. She is also active on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Lastly, Kardashian has made a major impact in the world of television. In 2011, she and her sisters launched their own reality show, “Keeping Up cakhia1.tv with the Kardashians.” The show has become one of the most watched shows in the world and has spawned various spin-offs. From clothing lines to fragrances to investments, Kim Kardashian has proven to be a successful businesswoman. Her business ventures have made her one of the most successful and recognizable celebrities of our time.

She has also partnered with a number of 1000 gem.net major companies, such as Skechers, to create successful advertising campaigns. Kardashian’s fame has also opened up doors for her in the world of philanthropy. She has been involved in a number of charitable causes, such as the Dream Foundation and the Armenian Relief Fund. Kardashian’s success has been remarkable. She has amassed an estimated net worth of $350 million, according to Forbes magazine. She has also been named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. It is safe to say that Kim Kardashian has taken the world by storm. With her business acumen and savvy public image, she has cemented her status as one of the most powerful women in entertainment.

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