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Pamper Your Cat Using These 6 Tips

Want to spoil your cat? Then learn how to do it like an artist. Fur babies are walking angels who respond kindly to considerate behavior. The duty falls upon the cat parents to learn how to interact and show them love and compassion without being thought of as a pushy Hooman by their furry fellas.

There are right and wrong ways to express affection to your munchkin. It would be best if you  approached them to avoid negative responses. Cats need their time and space to feel safe and alright. So, cat owners who find feline affection puzzling and difficult can seek their vet’s help to know how to go about the process.

Pet health insurance lets your kitty have a health backup while making illnesses and injuries episode affordable for you. At these crucial times, your fur baby’s vet visits, prescriptions, overnight vet stays, surgery and more are covered with cat insurance. So, you no longer need to fret about affording to provide your kitty with accident, sickness, or other critical health care.

We share some tips to help you have a positive petting experience with your kitty.

Testing waters

Extend your finger, hand or leg as an inviting call for your kitty. If your munchkin comes towards you and engages in sniffing, touching, or head butting or allows you to feel their nose/head, then it is a go-ahead signal for you. Else, think of a better time to bond with your kitty.

Allow privacy

Like a human’s mood swings are not the same all the time, so can be your kitty’s mood. It would help if you struck a balance between petting and allowing them adequate privacy so both of you can enjoy the bonding time. Learn kitty’s terms, so your pet doesn’t retract or give you spiteful hisses with little or no provocation.

Gentle rubs

If a kitty comes seeking your attention, consider it a righteous time to pamper. You can begin with a soft chin or below the ear rubs. If your munchkin projects her chin out, then it is a sign of pleasure. Light tummy rubs may also be appreciated as long as it isn’t over the top.

Light pressure

You can apply light pressure on points like the base of the ears, cheeks, forehead, beside the eyes, legs, and paws. Or you can even run your fingers on the side of your munchkin’s face repeatedly. If your kitty is enjoying the show, they will acknowledge the same with a light head butt or touch the side of her head against your body as a sign of approval.

Lap rest

Kitties like warmth, and if they require it they may come to their Hooman to get all cozy. If your cat wants to rest by your side, leaning to you or on your lap, it’s a clear sign they want you to pet them. Remember how often it happened in winters? Kitty may also want you to share your bed with it.


If your cat is annoyed, you will probably end up with some scratches or a soft bite. When the kitty feels she’s had enough, she may roll around when you try to pet her, drift away, or showcase other repelling antics. Also, guard against giving reverse strokes from head to tail; many kitties don’t like it, and they don’t hesitate to show their irritation before long.

Look for signs of purring; frequent purrs mean the kitty is having a great time with you. On the other hand, if your kitty is withdrawing most of the time, not socializing, and appears depressed, maybe you need to have a word with your vet to understand their behavior.

Pet health insurance supports your kitty with her non-routine vet visits, diagnosis, hospitalization, treatments, and more. Cat insurance is available in different levels of cover you can choose from to provide quality health care for your pet with little financial burden. Purchase a policy if you haven’t signed up already.

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