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Parimatch – sports betting and online casino site

Parimatch is one of the oldest and most popular betting sites, offering users a large number of prizes. If you have any problems logging in or even while playing, they have a very good support team that will clear all your doubts. The design of the official site is also very player-friendly. Once logged in, Parimatch offers several betting options and several betting payment options. You can easily make deposits and withdraw your winnings quickly.

Official Parimatch website

Parimatch platform is one of the leading betting services in the world. For more than 27 years of active operations, it has accumulated a large customer base, gained confidence among other betting shops and won many industry awards. Parimatch was one of the first portals to go online and began the expansion of the online gambling business in parallel with the development of technology. The platform systematically exceeds one million regular users.

Match Online

Parimatch not only has a great website, but also a pretty easy to use app that you can download from your IOS or Android device. So don’t worry, because you can bet anytime, anywhere. Parimatch Online is a great option if you are one of those who prefer physical casinos, because it has a wide selection of live games that will give you the excitement you are waiting for.

Pari Match online has been on the market since 2000 and has shown that it is possible to cross borders and overcome language barriers if done right. Parimatch online gives you the opportunity to bet from home with the same experience as if you were doing it in a bookmaker’s office, you can connect to live interaction with the “dealer” and even choose the table you want to “sit at”. So, now you know that if you are looking for innovative bookmakers and new experiences, feel free to try Parimatch online.

Parimatch Bonus

The Parimatch platform offers a wide variety of bonuses and promotions. This is another reason why Parimatch not only keeps regular customers, but also literally attracts new ones every day. Below you will learn about the main bonuses you can use as a member of this portal, its main features and requirements. All of them are available for consultation from the main menu, under “All Promotions”. Let’s get started!

  • Welcome Bonus

Shortly after registering on the platform, you will receive a systematic notification of your first deposit bonus. To check it out, just click on the “Bell” that appears in the site’s header. This reward is only available to newbies. This bonus allows you to get a 150% discount on your deposit celebritylifecycle .

  • Parimatch Stickers

This is one of the no deposit bonuses on this portal. The purpose of this reward is to give you special gifts, sticker sets, etc. for their activity on the platform. To participate in it, you need to go to the “All Promotions” tab, choose the appropriate bonus and follow a few simple rules: create a profile, choose an avatar and specify your nickname. After that you can get stickers, which are collected in a special book of stickers. After completing the collection, you can get a free bet on your main account.

  • Cashback on eSports

Parimatch offers its players 5% of the wager they spend on e-games. The bonus must be used within 5 days of activation with a wager of x2. Unlike other cashback bonuses, where players can choose any cybersports league, join and bet.

Parimatch to play safely

The main thing to protect your account and play safely at Parimatch is to create your password. A secure and hard to guess password should not contain personal information such as your first or last name or your date of birth. It must be more than 8 characters, with at least one capital letter, a lowercase letter and numbers.

Remember that you should never give your password to anyone, it’s confidential information, and consider that if you do, they may bid on your behalf. You should only have one account for each player, so do not give your account to anyone else and do not use another person’s account to place bets, accounts are private and not transferable to another person.

Parimatch: Customer Service

Customer service is very important to Parimatch, and we are sure that this area will not disappoint you. If you have a problem or any doubts, contact them via their chat room 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for an almost immediate response. You can easily find all available times in the “chat with us” box in the lower right corner of their website, highlighted in yellow. If you prefer, you can also email and of course there are phone lines that are also available 24 hours a day. Just make sure you use the correct international code.

Frequent Questions

  • Is Parimatch a multilingual platform?

Yes, the interface as well as the support service of the platform is multilingual.

  • Can I use Crypto-currencies on this portal?

Yes, the platform accepts a wide variety of currencies, including digital money. Currently, you can make deposits or withdrawals in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.

  • Can I register more than one account from one phone number?

No, this option is not available. The Parimatch platform currently has a “1 user – 1 account” rule. If the casino notices any attempt to violate this rule, your account will be blocked.

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