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Social Media Post Ideas for Insurance Agents and Companies

As everyone is on social media with having an account at least on one popular platform like Facebook or Instagram. They use social media profiles not only to connect with family & friends but to stay on top of the latest trends, industry news, and information about their favorite brands. This is the reason, businesses have also joined the race to connect with their potential and existing customers. Insurance companies and agents are no exception. Social media is the best marketing platform for all types of businesses to reach their audiences effectively and generate more sales.

In this article, we will explain the top social media post ideas for insurance agents and companies to help them keep their feeds fresh with informative and useful content people love to read and view on social sites.

New Insurance Product Launches

Whether you are a funeral insurance company or an insurance agent with a new product, then social media could be a great place to share and promote your product with the target audience. Since insurance marketing seems boring, you can grab the attention of your audience by identifying the people for whom the product is valuable and ideal. If there is a short video created for a product launch event, you can also share the video on your social profiles to get more eyeballs on your insurance company profile.

Post News About Industry Growth

Anything related to the growth of a particular industry is good to increase sales. When you share exciting numbers and details about the insurance industry, it shows your knowledge and expertise in the industry and presents you as a thought leader. Not only this, you can also share growth news about your own insurance company or business to grab the attention of more insurance customers and business partners to generate more revenue. A new hiring, the addition of new insurance tools, or a new office are some exciting things that you can share on your social profiles to stand out from competitors.

Post Great Insurance Commercials

Insurance companies spend lots of bucks on creating informative, entertaining, and engaging commercials to promote their insurance products and generate more sales. Whether you are an insurance company or an agent helping people buy right insurance products, you should share great insurance commercials and ads across your social media profiles to keep your feed fresh. However, make sure to choose the right content type for each platform like long-form articles and videos for Facebook, images, and videos for Instagram, and short business updates and news for Twitter.

User-Generated Content (Customer Testimonials & Reviews)

Whether it is a video review posted by a happy customer on your social media profile, or a screenshot of an appreciation email sent from one of your satisfied customers, sharing them on your social profiles can help you build trust and credibility while keeping your social feed fresh and updated. People love to be heard and appreciated, so feel free to share user-generated content or customer testimonials on your insurance social media profiles to let potential customers know what your existing customers say about your company or products.

Write About Community Events

Be it a youth sports event, an opening ceremony of a healthcare facility, or a meeting of business professionals, you can write about such events on your social accounts to increase the engagement of locals on your social profiles. This also shows your activities and participation in local community events.

Surveys and Short Quizzes

Short quizzes and surveys are the common content types to boost reach and engagement on social media sites. Insurance agents and companies can ask their followers short questions and start surveys not only to engage them but to learn about their insurance needs, requirements and knowledge. This also helps insurance companies personalize their marketing materials based on audience interests and needs.


Social media is the best place for modern consumers to know about the latest industry news, business updates, and product reviews. Insurance agents and companies should post informative, engaging, and interesting content to make their social profiles value-driven touch points for their customers. Consistency in content publishing is another rule of thumb to build and maintain a robust social media presence for insurance agencies and agents.

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