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Supermicro is a global leader in enterprise computing and storage, providing innovative solutions for data center servers . They offer a wide range of high-quality server products that are completely customizable, to perfectly meet customers’ needs with the latest in data center technology innovations.

Supermicro Operating Systems are engineered from the ground up with security as its primary focus. The Supermicro OS comes preinstalled on our most popular products and is deployed in hundreds of thousands of systems worldwide.

As cybercrime continues to evolve, they remain committed to safeguarding your network against advanced threats that can penetrate even the toughest defense such as IoT Edge Computing . IoT Edge Computing is poised to change the game for all companies by providing a safer, more secure future for everyone in the enterprise. 

The Supermicro Nexus 9000 18x 24x 30x Server is a new data center server with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, support up to 48 cores per processor, and three 10 GbE controllers (Intel Omni-Path based). It is built using Supermicro’s top-end ruggedized datacenter server design and features a multi-tier motherboard design, which includes: EATX form factor; M.2 2230/2242/2260/2280 SATA III SSD slots; SATA 6Gbps Networking; 12 DIMM slots supporting up to 768GB of RAM. IoT Edge Computing is another major trend that is affecting all industries, including manufacturing, transportation, construction, retail and healthcare. IoT Edge Computing provides a safer, more secure future for everyone in the enterprise.

Supermicro’s new PWS-832 IPC Edge Server is a new high density, Edge Computing solution building on Supermicro’s custom-designed motherboard architecture (HY-RD) and optimized integration with low power edge computing SoCs (Intel Stratix 10/Arria 10/Xilinx Zynq-7000 series) that can be deployed as standalone systems or on motherboards as dedicated IPC Edge server boards. These compact, low power edge servers can be integrated into Supermicro’s high performance Enterprise chassis like the SuperServer 5028R or HE1.

 IoT Edge Computing has become a major focus of Supermicro’s engineering efforts to provide innovative solutions for the expanding edge computing revolution in industry. Supermicro has been designing and providing high-density, innovative edge computing solutions since the first Rivet Core platform was launched in 2013. The PWS-832 IPC Edge Server combines the Rivet Core concept with Supermicro’s pioneering HY-RD chassis design, optimized integration with low power edge computing SoCs (Intel Stratix 10/Arria 10/Xilinx Zynq-7000 series) , and a rich feature set to provide an ideal solution for next-generation data center applications that require the ultimate low power, high density servers.

With IoT Edge Computing, the PWS-832 will provide data center customers with a versatile, high performance edge solution that can bring many new benefits. When deployed as standalone systems or on a Supermicro motherboard as dedicated IPC Edge server boards, the PWS-832 provides:

Supermicro also offers OEM solutions for its SuperServer 5028R and family of chassis. On October 29, 2018, it was announced that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had proposed amendments to Rule 17g-1 which requires public companies to disclose management’s discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operations at the time of filing certain periodic reports. IoT Edge Computing will pose a specific challenge for many companies and the SEC guidance does not provide much direction on how companies should respond to the new requirement. Supermicro plans to make available to customers guidance on how to comply with this new requirement and expects that this will help clarify the data required for reporting.

 IoT Edge Computing therefore faces major challenges with the need to be built on new platform infrastructure and security solutions, while at the same time remaining backwards-compatible with existing platforms. So in response to this need, Supermicro is working with key partners to provide a solution that will help customers accomplish their goals: the “Supermicro + Azure Built for Microsoft Azure Stack”. 

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