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 Varieties of lawn mowers available in Kenya

What are some of the challenges you face when trimming, chopping, or mowing fields? How long does it take you to trim a field? Do you find it interesting or it is cumbersome? Does the method you use to clear fields to ensure proper grooming of grass at an even level? Despite that there are different methods of trimming grass, you should consider opting for a lawnmower.

Back in the, one was forced to hire a gardener to trim and uproot overgrown grass and weeds manually. The task was not only tedious but also expensive to hire a gardener. The introduction has made it all a piece of cake. There are now different types of tools introduced nationally that have made these tasks easier. The introduction of lawnmowers has made grass grooming easier and more enjoyable at the same time. One can trim fields without getting tired. This article will enlighten you on different types of lawn mowers available in Kenyan markets and stores.

Manual lawn mowers

the other name for a manual lawn mower is push lawn mower which simply means a user manually pushes this machine when using it. Since this type of lawnmower has wheels, users find it easier to maneuver with it in all directions without the need to apply much energy. Manual lawn mowers are designed with a handle that makes you push or pull it easily with perfect field clearing results.

Electric lawn mowers

An electric lawnmower is one of the common lawnmowers available in the Kenyan markets and stores. This type is either coded or codeless. Corded lawn mowers depend on electricity directly, this means they cannot operate without electricity, unlike cordless lawnmowers which have a rechargeable battery. Electric lawnmower requires less energy compared to manual lawnmowers. All you need to do is direct the lawnmower when mowing fields.

Gas lawn mowers

Gas is another type of lawnmower you should know apart from electric and manual lawnmowers. As the word denotes, this type of lawnmower is gas-dependent. This type of machine is designed with a tank where you can full gas before operating it. At some point, the user must pull-start this type of lawnmower when using it. There are many areas where you can find this type of lawn mower for sale in Kenya. Plan a date and grab this lawn for yourself.

Cylinder lawnmower

Cylinder lawnmowers are commonly used in areas where there are regular grass grooming activities such as hotels, resorts, golf clubs, parks, among other places. This type is either electric or manual. As the word denotes, cylinder lawnmowers have blades that take a cylindrical shape. These blades spin vertically in front to ensure perfect grass grooming. Make your hotels and parks beautiful with a cylinder lawnmower.

To conclude it is evident that grass grooming and trimming is now made easier thanks to the introduction of lawnmowers. You should consider purchasing one and say goodbye to employing many gardeners to clear your fields.

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