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Why a Scrap Baler Can Be a Decisive Investment for Businesses

Balers are efficient and economical equipment for handling wastes of different kinds.

With growing volumes of waste, the need for effectively managing them has posed a major cause of concern among businesses.

But, businesses should not worry about the headache of effectively managing their growing volumes of waste.

By investing in a waste baker, businesses can effectively manage their waste in a minimal time.

A waste baler can help businesses manage their wastes cleanly and safely while minimizing the storage space requirement.

Waste balers come in different shapes and sizes but produce the same results.

Implementation of a waste baler can significantly reduce costs thus saving money.

Given the experience of businesses, usage of a waste baler can reduce costs by 80%.

A baler machine can also help recycle waste. So, it can help to protect the environment.

Again, a baler can free up spaces by eliminating the need to store bins.

Given the designs of waste balers, there are waste balers of compact sizes to enable them to fit into any small space to ease their keeping by businesses.

The best way to decide the fate of waste materials is to recycle them.

Waste recycling is good for the environment because it reduces pollution. In addition, it can lower the need for raw materials for the processing industry.

A baler can help waste recycling in many ways, such as

  • The usage of a waste baler ensures that the usable materials do not go to landfills. So, that minimizes land and air pollution.
  • As balers can segregate usable items from non-usable ones, businesses can sell scrap items to increase their revenues.

Choosing a Baler

There are various balers in the market. And, they vary in terms of size and features.

However, the types of balers can be segregated into two types—horizontal and vertical.

Given the current trends, vertical balers are less expensive and smaller in size.

Vertical balers come in different sizes and are named after the sizes of bales they will

Produce. For example, a 78-inch baler will produce 78-inch waste bales.

Again, it can be a good idea to choose smaller vertical balers as they are cost-effective.

On the other hand, horizontal balers are larger and are more expensive than vertical ones.

Typically, horizontal balers are the best option for businesses producing more than 100 tons of waste per month.

Moreover, horizontal balers can be excellent options for businesses with large spaces that want to save time by implementing automated equipment.

Also, horizontal balers offer more automating features than vertical ones.

Due to the automating features, less time is required to load and process wastes by horizontal balers.

However, the best baler is the one that perfectly fits the requirements and the available space.

The Safety Aspect

An investment alone in a waste baler will not be enough. There are more things to consider. And, the safety of your employees is one of them.

Balers handle huge loads. And balers use massive pressure behind the ram to compress wastes.

Therefore, it can pose danger to the employees.

Moreover, a life-threatening occurrence can also arise if the baler is not operated correctly.

Due to the fact that balers can pose dangerous situations due to the wrong use, businesses should train their employees to properly handle the baler.

The Waste Materials to Handle

You should select a baler depending on the type of waste to be handled. For example, you should select an aluminum scrap baler if your business produces aluminum waste.

Again, you should choose a particular baler model–a single-ram or two-ram–depending on the waste type.

A single-ram baler is ideal for handling fibrous products such as office, printer, or old paper waste.

The two-ram model is perfect for handling waste products that do not retain the same compression qualities after some time, such as plastic bottles or aluminum containers.

In addition, a two-ram model is a good choice for handling waste materials with odd shapes, high memory retention, or low compressibilities, such as plastic or styrofoam.


Despite the slew of benefits of a waste baler, there is an important aspect to consider–the quality of the supplier. You should choose a top-quality supplier because only such suppliers can provide quality equipment.

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