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Why Drives Cryptocurrency Prices – A Digital Asset Guide

As a trader, investor or enthusiast, you have probably asked yourself this question. It’s a question that has captivated many people who have been interested in the world of cryptocurrency for some time now. KuCoin has a unique way of rewarding its users. If you hold KCS (KuCoin Shares) tokens in your wallet, you are rewarded with bonuses based on the amount of KCS you own. This means that if you hold more KCS, the more money you make from trading fees on KuCoin.

Many factors can be attributed to driving crypto prices of cryptocurrency bitcoin price, but some other factors significantly impact the cost of these digital assets.

This article will explore what drives crypto prices and how they can be predicted using technical analysis. This guide will provide an overview of how technical analysis works and why traders worldwide use it.

Crypto Prices Can Be Hard To Predict

The supply and demand for them determine the price of cryptocurrencies. The most crucial factor that drives the price up or down is the number of people who want to buy and sell at different prices and how many total units are available.

The supply and demand of a top cryptocurrency are determined by how many people are interested in acquiring it and how easy it is to get. For example, if someone wants to purchase 10 coins but only 9 are available, the price will go up because it’s harder to obtain.

If someone wants to sell 10 coins, but only 9 buyers are looking for them, then the price will go down because it’s easier for them to find someone willing to take them off their hands.

The crypto market is volatile, and the prices of cryptocurrencies can rise and fall dramatically in a single day. This is why many people have begun to invest in cryptocurrency. But if you’re thinking about investing in cryptocurrency, you need to understand how it works and how volatile prices will affect your portfolio.

1. Volatility

Cryptocurrencies are affected by supply and demand. The price will go up if there are more buyers than sellers at any given time. If there are more sellers than buyers, the price will go down. Because cryptocurrencies are still relatively new, they can be highly volatile compared to stocks or bonds.

2. How Prices Fluctuate

Many factors affect how much cryptocurrency costs at any given time – including supply and demand as well as government regulations – but one of the most critical factors is news from developers regarding their projects’ progress or lack thereof (i.e., whether they’ve been working on their project or not).

3. Investing Advice

Before investing in any cryptocurrency, make sure that you do your research on each coin’s developer team so that you know what kind of progress they’ve made over time (if any) before deciding whether or not it’s worth investing


Regarding security, Kucoin has implemented two-factor authentication for all users, which means that your account is much safer than other exchanges. There are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, each with a different price. Even if you understand what all these coins do, it can be challenging to know how they’re valued and why they change in value over time.

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